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Standby is the leading provider of turf, landscape and property maintenance services in Australia. There’s nothing more satisfying to us than a job well done and your grounds looking their absolute best. Our philosophy is to meet and exceed the needs of our customers through expertise, sustained effort and attention to detail, while proactively protecting our environment

We’ll Take Care of it

At Standby, there’s no job too big or too small – we’ll take care of it, and we’re on call if you need us. Whether its iconic parkland maintenance, upkeep towards the sale of your property, helping out with your local council grounds or safeguarding the integrity of local water facilities and infrastructure, you’ll find Standby there keeping things on target. We pride ourselves on our adaptability in challenging circumstances and working with our customers to make sure their needs are fulfilled. That’s the Standby way, and we are excited to assist your team so that their efforts might be focused on managing your business, department or other affairs

Facilities & Open Space Management

Our facilities crews are available to provide our customers with the best possible care of their turf and landscaping features. Over the years we have created efficiencies within our operation which work to keep your costs reasonable while keeping the service provided to a premium. You can expect jobs to be scheduled in advance with transparency and in line with your expectations and be thoroughly documented, with real-time cloud-based access provided to our site completion reports and images for additional accountability.

Among other services, we can jump straight in and help you with:

  • Soil testing and improvement
  • Parks and gardens maintenance
  • Turf supply, maintenance and renovation
  • Hollow core, scarification and Verdi-draining
  • Public infrastructure and utility grounds maintenance
  • Asset Protection Zone establishment and maintenance
  • Civic and strata landscape maintenance and renovations
  • Fertilising, over-sowing, soil conditioning and top dressing
  • Irrigation design, installation, maintenance and scheduling
  • Intensive sports field and cricket wicket greenkeeping and line-marking
  • Weed control including herbicide, insecticide and wetting product application
  • Environmental services including noxious weed removal and native bush regeneration

Urban Services

Standby provides a range of services to assist in maintaining the cleanliness, order and presentation of urban environments. This includes tailored offerings for major events, such as traffic control and restoring the site for public use. The Standby team can also provide ongoing care for our stakeholder’s distributed assets and can adapt to work with other teams and get the job done. 

Some non-limiting examples of the services we provide include:

  • Traffic Control
  • Graffiti removal
  • Street sweeping
  • Rubbish removal
  • Cleaning services
  • Asset monitoring
  • Events and clean-up
  • Inspections and repairs
  • Clearing and site preparation
  • Furniture and infrastructure repairs
  • Playground installations, maintenance and safety


Standby’s team of qualified horticulturalists specialise in the creation, upkeep and redesign of striking gardenscapes and botanical installations. Knowing and selecting from the unique traits and quirks of a vast range of native and exotic species of plants and grasses is key to delivering a fertile landscape for your property. Its also conducive to strong establishment and controlled growth in your gardens. Our promise is that with our help, your gardens and trees will be well fed and watered, protected from the elements, disease and insects, and flourish to your meet your vision.

We can help to get things moving with:

  • Irrigation
  • Pest management
  • Garden renovation
  • Overcrowding prevention
  • Plant sourcing and provision
  • Mulching and other coverings
  • Arboriculture and tree services
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment
  • Tree and shrub pruning and trimming
  • Planting and horticultural consultancy
  • Green wall design and implementation
  • Soil health and plant nutrition programs

Quality and Safety

By maintaining rock-solid quality and safety regimens, and by ensuring our teams receive complete and ongoing training in these processes, Standby will ensures the protection of all its stakeholders while providing high-quality services. Standby maintains a comprehensive and third-party certified Quality Management System which forms part of the induction and initial training of all personnel recruited. Through our collaborative and technology driven approach, we have the tools to provide a highly efficient management structure while keeping an accurate and cross-checked reporting system. This introduces accountability and keeps the quality of our work to a high standard. We are proud to have a very low staff turnover, which is indicative of our inclusive approach to managing staff and is reflected in the high level of interest and commitment shown by staff on site.

Best Practice Certification


Standby Work, Health & Safety Policy


Standby Quality Assurance Policy


Our Commitment to the Environment

Connecting You with Our Work

When it comes to accountability, transparency and communication, we want the best for our customers at Standby. With this mentality, through continual process improvement we’ve setup an improved Standby Cloud Reporting and Management System, and we’ll be rolling it out in early 2019. This system has been designed to enhance the reporting efficiency and accuracy of crews in the field and allows Standby to provide real-time accountability to our customers. Along with cloud-based report, image and schedule sharing, Standby now provides additional accountability on site completions through geotagged, timestamped image collection, as well as GPS tracking to improve productivity and response times in the event of an emergency.

What’s the latest?

Sustainable Energy

We are committed to providing a clean, safe and high quality of life for future generations and to achieve this we need to all do our part. Therefore, we are transitioning our energy source to Powershop

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Standby has gone Paperless

Did you know that it takes an average of 5 litres of water to produce a single piece of A4 paper? Or that Australians use 1.72 million tonnes of paper each year? That’s 40 million trees! That’s why Standby is going Paperless.

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Standby’s Future is Lighter, Safer and More Sustainable

At Standby, we are taking the leap forward into sustainable energy by transitioning from our petrol-powered equipment to battery powered equipment.

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Work with Standby

We want YOU!… Or someone like you! If you are interested in kicking off your career as a professional horticulturalist, environmental management officer or landscape maintenance provider, get in touch, or check out our current listings below.

Standby Property Maintenance has been supplying Horticultural services to government agencies, housing developers and private clients for over 28 years. We are looking for individuals to join our expe...

Standby Property Maintenance has been supplying Horticultural services to government agencies, housing developers and private clients for over 28 years. We are looking for individuals to join our expe...

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