Standby has gone Paperless

Standby has gone Paperless

Did you know that it takes an average of 5 litres of water to produce a single piece of A4 paper? Or that Australians use 1.72 million tonnes of paper each year? That’s 40 million trees! That’s why Standby is going Paperless.

With 2020 fast approaching the Standby team are making  responsible changes to conserve our water and forests around the globe. As such, we are going paperless by the beginning of 2020. Our goal is to fully transition our reporting  to the cloud to reduce and ultimately eliminate our paper consumption and waste.. The new cloud-based reporting system  will include our full QMS system, covering all Quality, WHS and Environmental documents prepared within the business, and using tools like Docusign to collaborate in the  digital space.

This changeover will allow crew members to move from hand-written logging and report filing to our new cloud-based automated solution. This system is designed to rapidly disseminate information from our operatives in the field to both our clients and our internal management team in real-time, creating  accuracy and accountability for the work we do. We’ll also include geotagged and timestamped site completion photos for every job to build further transparency into our operations for our customers.In F20, the accounting system will also progress to paperless as we move all financial reporting and accounting to cloud-based software tools.

Going paperless is just one of the many ways in which we want to help to protect our beautiful environment. Check out some of our other initiatives such as our renewable energy procurement  or battery-powered machinery to find out our next steps in reducing our carbon footprint in Australia.

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